BF blog 2.0

how silly…i haven’t been able to reactivate my account for my previous blog on blogspot. so here i go again, trying to extend my social desires.
or just to spread the words on the BF activities, as well as some other subjects of interest.
BF’s life from the inside !

once again, excuse my english !

for a start, what’s best than a small over view of what is coming next ? surely many things, but that’s all i have right now.

*LUNAR MIASMA Crystal Covered CD


you’ve heard about him mostly because of his 3″CDR on Small Doses (wich is highly recommanded !) and some following releases on Rural Faune or Tuguska. now it was time for something bigger (and should i say better), and it’s done with this CD release (jewel case with obi – edition of 300) wich is surely his best work to date. wonderfull, immersive, pure analog drones. fans of Emeralds, beware !
should be available within two weeks at the most.

listen to a sample

coming right after:
*LOCRIAN Territories LP – you know what it is about, and if not yet, you will ! no one will be spared, believe me. split release with the fine dudes of small doses, at war with false noise & bloodlust!

*deANIMATOR ((thirty three and one third) degrees) per second CDR in tin case (as usual) you are not waiting for this one (and i can’t blame you for that) because you never heard of him (except that crazy track on the Drones, Tones And Various Repressed Emotions CDR i’ve released last summer). so why would you care ? because this is the guy who is responsible for the BF website art and his 100% analog experimentations will blow you away, just like his visuals.

*NICHOLAS SZCZEPANIK dear dad CD, co-released with Goat Eater Arts, will show a new face of Nicholas’ work. something really, really intense, huge drones walls that you wouldn’t expect from him. this is something i’m really proud to release, as it’s one of my fav BF releases !

these above are ready at some point, art/packaging/money/time/whatever is missing right now, but they are all on the way.
talkative updates as much as possible. thanks for coming by.


~ by bassesfrequences on February 4, 2010.

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