3 new releases out now !

The mailorder has been updated this morning with 3 new BF releases ! LUNAR MIASMA “crystal covered” CD, deANIMATOR “((thirty three and one third) degrees) per second” CDR and LOCRIAN “territories” LP are available right now. you can purchase them separetly or as a bundle with a small discount.


BUT (yeah, there’s a but) any order including the Locrian “territories” LP will ship after wednesday the 10th. we have experienced the DHL expertise (you may hear about that later as “the DHL fiasco”) and the main package containing the covers has been stuck in the DHL facility in Italy for more than 10 days now and I’m not confident it will be leaving as soon as we want. So another package with more covers is on the way to me and should arrive on wednesday the 10th, maybe even before. i really want to avoid pre-orders, as much as i can, but in this very case, we are 4 labels involved and the pre-order is for a handful of days, a week at the most. i’m not selling something that doesn’t exist yet, i have the vinyls in my hands. SO, sorry for the inconvenience and delay in the shipment in your order (if this one contains the vinyl) and thanks in advance for your understanding !

~ by bassesfrequences on March 6, 2010.

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