TQA “Aftermath”: you see it…

…no, you don’t ! The CDs arrived this morning but some text appeared on an unappropriate place (see picture below). The whole run has to go back to the manufacturer and be repressed. The release date – scheduled for this weekend – is obvioulsy delayed in a very significant way. But I have good hopes for a fall may release now. Better have this late than badly done. I’m sorry for the inconvenience, I’ll keep you posted on this of course.

The two other releases that were scheduled for April 30th – Nicholas Szczepanik “dear dad” CD and Aidan Baker “i will always and forever hold you in my heart and mind” reissue CD – will be available as soon as the “dear dad” covers arrive (because I still don’t have them in hands), hopefully on time for this weekend.

The “aftermath” delay will also have consequences on my schedule, and the forthcoming Celer and Hoor-paar-Kraat CDs will be delayed as well, hard to say for how long right now though. I’ll also keep you updated on this. I’ll do my best to have these available before summer.

That’s all for today, hoping a new – more positive – post this weekend !
Thanks for reading.

~ by bassesfrequences on April 27, 2010.

5 Responses to “TQA “Aftermath”: you see it…”

  1. I think it’s better to release the CD with the art defect than to allow it to cause such a chain reaction. Fans will be understanding. If this were a glitch in the CD itself, I’d say otherwise ~ but it’s not your fault, it won’t affect the listening experience, and I don’t think it will affect your reputation in any way. If anything, you’ll get more respect for wanting so much to please us.

  2. fully agree. just release it the way it is. we’ll have full understanding for this.

  3. …collectors item!

  4. please release “aftermath” as-is. the cd/music is 100% fine. don’t be too concerned at the un-aesthetic text. if you had not told us, we would never have know… might have thought it a bit strange, but would have gotten over it.

    delaying the release means a knock-on delay for all parties involved (and more).

  5. thanks a lot for your support, everyone ! we are currently finalizing our decision on what will happen. excepect an update soon ! and thanks again !

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