Aftermath update

After HOURS of brainstorming and many emails, Eric and I have figured it out: “Aftermath” will be on sale this weekend as it is.
But, we will have corrected digipacks in a few weeks for those who want to have one as it was supposed to be. These replacement digipacks will obviously be available for free, and you’ll be able to reclaim yours with another order (or for 1.3€ from me, to cover a fraction of the shipping, if you really don’t intend to order from us again in the future…).
“Aftermath” will only be available through the BF mailorder or Eric’s until we get the corrected digipacks.
Thanks again for your kind support, it was much appreciated.

Also, two interviews with Eric Quach are now online on Tokafi and Textura. It’s mostly about Mains De Givre (check it out ! excellent new project from Eric), ThisQuietArmy is also mentioned.

On Textura, you’ll also find reviews of “Aftermath” (album of the month), “crystal covered” and “dear dad“.

Talk more very, very soon !


~ by bassesfrequences on April 30, 2010.

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