The gentle art of releasing records

There have been a lot of Celer related news lately. Some good, with the details of the CD album and the announcement and details of the forthcoming 10″; and some…well, less good, like the delay due to the problems the pressing plant encoutered with using the paper i ordered for the booklet. The show keeps going on with a new chapter in the “less good” serie: the CDs are stucked at the french customs and it has become kind of problematic. They asked a lot of questions, they asked me to fill some form, and now I’m waiting for the sentence. But to be honest, it is not even the worst: Will get the CDs already and the CDs are misspressed ! Damn ! After the Locrian LPs lost in Italy, The “Dear Dad” covers lost between Brooklyn and Washington (this didn’t really altered the sales, but that was also very stressfull), the missprinted Thisquietarmy digipaks…now please welcome Celer to the club !
Sounds like a curse hmm ? But no, shit happens aaaall the time and I confess that this one is my own fault and I have to assume the consequences. Believe me, I slaped myself in the face for that and please please please accept my sincere apologies for the additional delay. The record still worths the delay, any delay. It will still be as beautiful as it was next month as than it was last month.
So, the CDs are going to be repressed as soon as possible, and with any luck, I’ll have them done before the customs unleashed the original copies. I can’t give any precise date right now obviously since I haven’t been able to place the new order already, but you’ll be warned here or via the newsletter.

Hoho, all this sounds like complaining, isn’t it ? But it’s not my point. It is not easy everyday and I had some bad nights already, but i really do love what I do, everyday anyway. And once again thank you for your great support along the way.

One more thing: the line up for this fall will be detailed once covers and sound samples are available. You can expect some exciting things, like a collaboration between Thisquietarmy and Yellow6. They met last year and recorded two hours of music. Amazing music. We are currently working on the artwork, and the whole thing will be mastered for vinyl by Dirk Serries ! Coming after that, a full lenth CD by Pleq, the first step for the label into the glitch/electronica world. I fell in love with what Bartosz send me and I couldn’t help it, I had to release it. Sometimes this fall too, the second release of Jeremie Mathes  (CDR) after his very first on Mystery Sea ! That’s an interesting start, isn’t it ? And a couple of other things if I can raise enough money. You count on you for that ^^
Artworks, sound samples, delayed release dates as soon as they are available, right here !

I guess that’s all for now, and I guess that’s far enough anyway. I’ll write back soon with good news I hope. In the meantime, I have updated the mailorder with a few records I kept for the Celer release update. If ever you feel like buying some of them, please be guest !

Thanks for reading !


~ by bassesfrequences on August 6, 2010.

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