Pleq “good night” CD single announced

Yes: Pleq, yes: a CD single.
I was very surprised when one of the most promising name of the glitch/electronica scene came to me for a release. It wasn’t what I was known for. But I liked what Bartosz send me and there was no reason for not releasing the album. It was even a bit challenging as it is my first step in a scene I am not really linked to. The album was not ready for an immediat release, but he had a few remixes of that fantastic track called “good night” and the idea of a CD single, previous to the album, came immediatly to mind. Plus, these remixes have been done by big names such as offthesky and Pjusk, as well as the french Philippe Lamy.
The most interesting part is that this CD is not just a collection of various remixes, because once put together, you have a real progression in the ambience: each track is a subtle deconstruction of the original track, degrading the feeling step by step, like the deliquescence of the sweet pleasure of a good night sleep when you wake up slowly.

sound sample

Edition of 200.
Available fall september.


~ by bassesfrequences on September 8, 2010.

3 Responses to “Pleq “good night” CD single announced”

  1. 🙂

  2. Really looking forward to this release!

  3. […] posłuchać najnowszych utworów Pleqa, wydanych nakładem labelu Basses Frequences, z EP’ki Good Night, która jest zapowiedzią mającego ukazać się w grudniu pełnego albumu Pleqa zatytułowanego […]

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