New releases by BF artists

A small head-up on new releases by some BF favorites:

Celer & Yui Onodera: “Generic City” CD on Two Acorns, Will Long very own label. I had the chance to listen to it and even follow the artistic process a bit, and it’s the best of both artists, something that you can’t miss if you have any love for them.

Nicholas Szczepanik & Jenks Miller: “American Gothic” CD on Small Doses. “Jenks Miller, perhaps best known for his work under the Horseback moniker and Nicholas Szczepanik come together for an incredible recording that runs the gamut between lilting, minimal drones to dark, dense harsh soundscapes.”

Locrian: “Territories” CD on Small Doses & Bloodlust! The CD version of the 12″ vinyl released earlier this year on digipack finally available. No description needed here I guess, you alreday know the score ! The LP is still available by the way.

And talking of Locrian, Andre Foisy is also honored this month on Small Doses with a solo 3″CDR called “Theory Of Progress”. “(…) a new solo expedition from andre foisy, best know for being half of locrian. the disc is comprised of a single 21 minute composition taking a more mellow and contemplative turn from much of his work with locrian.”

All four will be available on the mailorder within the next two weeks, among other titles, for an interesting distro-only update. Stay tuned !


~ by bassesfrequences on October 23, 2010.

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