Winter Leads To Fall compilation detailed

Winter Leads To Fall is my christmas gift to some of you who will buy a Basses Frequences release this month. It has been already announced but not detailed. Here is a bit more about what you’ll get with your order.

It consistes of a CDR, a DVDR and a four panel booklet packed in an enveloppe. The CD contains a track from 8 of the forthcoming releases on Basses Frequences, and the DVD features 2 videos. This is actually the line up for the next 6/7 months !
Edition of 50 copies, free with any Basses Frequences release. First come, first served. Enjoy !
CD: MesseBasse, Aidan Baker, thisquietarmy +  Yellow6, Peter Wright, Duane Pitre, Jeremie Mathes, Yellow6 + Larkian, Hoor-paar-Kraat.
DVD: Pleq, thisquietarmy.


~ by bassesfrequences on November 29, 2010.

One Response to “Winter Leads To Fall compilation detailed”

  1. Beautiful pack…

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