All hails 2011 !

2010 is ending and won’t be missed. 2011 is coming and will surely be better ! Many good things happened though, and important things have been achieved with success, and once again I’m very proud of all records released this year and I’m very gratefull for your continuing support ! Hope you’ll still find at least as much interest in Basses Frequences in 2011.
The first releases of the new year are scheduled for the 3rd or 4th week of January, at the lastest. All three are currently at the pressing plant. I’m used – and so are you ! -with delays due to manufactoring or shipping problems, but still, announcements have to be done.
I’m very proud to say that the Hoor Paar Kraat’s complete Eureka Tapes 2 CD will finally see the light ! After months of delay, the Basses Frequences-Small Doses release is completed !
The CD-single “Good Night”, released back in october, and the “First To Fall” video gave you a foretaste of Pleq‘s new full lenth “Ballet Mechanic“, released CD digipack, described by Bartosz himself as “(…) the most personal, abstract and intellectual work by Pleq to date. “Ballet Mechanic” is never to be repeated.”
Last but not least, I’m glad to introduce you MesseBasse a new project by Vincent Vigier, former creator of DouleurFantome and Créature, with his friends Fabrice Richard on bass and  Azusa Kurokawa on vocals.  This will actually be the third MesseBasse release after two very limited CDR released on the french label A-Haeon. MesseBasse III: Ame is long form travel to forget your materiality through antinomian feelings. Enchanting, heavenly and powerful.

Each release will be fully detailed with full descriptions, cover and sound samples (for those who didn’t had the chance to get the Winter Leads To Spring compilation) during the coming weeks.
Talk more soon and best wishes for the year to come !
 – J

~ by bassesfrequences on December 26, 2010.

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