Jeremie Mathes “Gjöll” CD detailed

After a first release on Mystery Sea, sound artist Jeremie Mathes presents us with his second album. “Gjöll”  is a timeless navigation into foggy unknown waters and  subterranean passages inspired by scandinavian mythology. Dense evolving drones from acoustic sounds and micro-structured patterns are  slowly drained like  submerged organic debris in the flow of current. Extracting fragments of his surrounding environment, Jeremie succeeds at transforming matter into metaphorical visions and mesmerizing soundscapes that lead blindly into a serene world…

CD in tin box (not CDR !), edition of 100.
Listen to a sample of “Sylgr”
Out soon


~ by bassesfrequences on February 19, 2011.

2 Responses to “Jeremie Mathes “Gjöll” CD detailed”

  1. Jerome’s Mystery Sea disc was amazing and the preview track from this release sounds just as good! I will definitely be buying one and look forward to the email that announces it is on sale! Another good signing, congratulations.

  2. Thanks a lot Richard !

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