New (temporary) demo policy

I am always honored to recieve demos from artists, they show they interest and trust in my work and that always mean a lot, feeding my self confidence (that really needs to). Around half of the BF catalog so far comes from unsolicited demos. That’s quite a lot and that shows how I’m open (I guess). Plus, I have always listen to what has been send to me ! It may have taken some time though, but I always did.
Now, and for an undetermined period of time, I can’t accept new demos. Fortunately for me, my schedule is full until early 2012. Obvioulsy some projects are not finished, but I have some that are ready to go, waiting on the queue. Considering that I’m not collapsing under money and that delay may happen (tell me about it…) I am not able to take new projects at the moment. I’m really sorry about that, honestly. I have recieved some very insteresting ones but I really can’t add new projects to the schedule. I really have to fulfill my commitments. Thanks a lot for your comprehension !
Meaningful thanks to all who have send me demos lately.


~ by bassesfrequences on March 11, 2011.

5 Responses to “New (temporary) demo policy”

  1. That’s a shame 😦

  2. Similar for a lot of labels. Although I can’t get enough demos for mine at the moment.

  3. Hi, maybe it’s time to send you a demo 🙂
    please tell me something
    thank you bye!

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