Peter Wright LP and Hoor Paar Kraat 2CD available now and Thisquietarmy + Yellow6’s “Valley” LP on pre-order !

Today I’m transgressing two of my most important principles:
First: I’m flooding my customers with a second update this month. I don’t really like that, but when I released the Jeremie Mathes CD a couple of weeks ago, I didn’t know that the Hoor Paar Kraat CDs where actually ready and that the Peter Wright LP would arrive that quickly. But we should better celebrate, don’t we ?
Both are now obviously available through the mailorder.

Second: I’m doing preorder ! You know that I try to avoid preorders as much as possible, because problems could occur (and I know what I’m talking about !).
But this time I’ll make an exception: you can order the second LP from the collaborative effort between Thisquietarmy and Yellow6 called “Valley“.
At least I’m not selling this too early, the test pressings have been approved, and the artwork is ready. But I would like to have this available before the 20th of May, to coincide with Thisquietarmy’s European tour. 180gr vinyl, 80 black and 320 silver, with a download coupon.
For those who wonder: yes, there will be a CD edition of “Death Valley” this fall. It’ll be a 2 CD set and will include 3 bonus tracks (an outtake, a live track and a remix/reconstruction by Dirk Serries).
People who have bought both Death and Valley LPs will be able to purchase the CD version at a discounted price ! More details on this later.


~ by bassesfrequences on April 20, 2011.

One Response to “Peter Wright LP and Hoor Paar Kraat 2CD available now and Thisquietarmy + Yellow6’s “Valley” LP on pre-order !”

  1. Would love to pre order a copy of Valley.

    Please advise me on how I may be able to do this…

    Thanks and best wishes,


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