Duane Pitre’s “ED09 for string ensemble, live at The Stone” LP detailed

ED09 is an evolving, long-tone composition by Duane Pitre. The work’s current score calls for 12 or more performers from the string and/or woodwind categories, along with the possible addition of bowed electric guitar (played by the composer).

Approximately half of ED09‘s score instructs the performers to execute specific notated pitches that coincide with conducted hand signs, while the remainder of the score allows the performers to make minor decisions that affect the pace and texture of the piece. These decisions are based on a structure consisting of set playing methods, technique restrictions, fixed pitch classes (the ‘pitch pool’), and spontaneous conduction (aka real-time ‘mixing’)–resulting in slow-shifting harmonic movement over a long duration.

Essentially, the score enables all of the performers to approach a performance of the piece in the same manner, thus creating a group of musicians that thinks and plays as a cohesive unit. The result is a piece of music that is focused, yet fluid, minimal, yet dense–yielding a sound that is not unlike slow-motion chamber music.

ED09 is an exercise in discipline and freedom, in the refinement of music, and in communal focus. The piece involves a temporary community of musicians with a central goal stripped of self: to become one.

Out soon on 180gr 12″ vinyl, edition of 350 (70 clear/280 black).
Listen to a sample



~ by bassesfrequences on August 6, 2011.

3 Responses to “Duane Pitre’s “ED09 for string ensemble, live at The Stone” LP detailed”

  1. Is it already possible to order?

  2. No, not yet, please check http://www.bassesfrequences.org/mailorder next month ! And thanks a lot for your interest !

  3. […] told you in the latest newsletter that the ED09 vinyls where supposed to be delivered on Nov 2, but I was expecting a slight delay. That is what […]

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