Particule Arises detailed

I’ve recieved quite a lot of demos and sollicitations since summer 2010. I thank all the artists for their trust and interest in the label. Unfortunatelly, my (already pretty full) schedule started to extend due to delays and financial issues. I haven’t been able to take new projects for a while but still, I wanted to find a way to help or work with some of these artists. Then the end of 2011 was approaching and I wanted to offer a christmas gift to my loyal customers this year again. So the idea of producing a free compilation with exclusive material from some of them came in mind, thinking it would give them some highlight.
The artists in this compilation are Johannes Buff (also known as Knell – Utech Rds) (France), Witxes (France), Kevin Gan Yuen (also known as Fermantæ) (USA), Philippe Lamy (France), Attilo Novellino (Italy), Colbets (Japan), Ecka Liena (UK) and Phil Maggi (Belgium). They all were kind enough to participate and offer and exclusive track ! That was a very exciting project.  

CDR in an edition of 100, with 4 pages booklet.
And then, here it is, the Basses Frequences christmas gift 2011 ! This, too, has been delayed, like any other release, mostly because of the particularly low sales of last fall. Too late for christmas, too late for being a “happy new year” gift as well, the compilation remains free nevertheless and will be given away with the purchase of any Basses Frequences release during February.


~ by bassesfrequences on January 28, 2012.

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