Introducing the Record-On-Demand program

– The ROD program is discontinued –


One would say “when times are tough, you look backward”. Maybe it is the case, but not only. It’s been quite a while since I wanted to have the first releases of the label available again as they are very important for me and pretty good I believe.
Ideas come and go but nothing appeared to be fully satisfying. The tin cases were the landmark of the label but became very expensive to buy and to ship, and are pretty fragil nevertheless. The digital wasn’t really esteemed by the artists and I prefer physical format anyway. Also, I didn’t wanted to spend another hundred of hours burning CDRs for the sake of the limited run. That’s when the idea of the Record On Demand came in mind.
So what is the ROD program ?
The records on the ROD program are burned and packed on your demand. Are concerned the CDR releases that are now sold out. They are cheap to buy and to ship and have the exact same artwork and content. That program allows some great record to be physically available for a long period of time.
The first batch of releases available on the ROD program are Créature, Culver, I Am Seamonster, Fordell Research Unit, Wereju and the Drones, tones and various repressed emotions compilation.

These will be available for sale very soon on the online shop
Some other OOP CDR will also be added to the program around next month.
Hope this will help records that I’m very proud of to find new fans.

Long live physical format.

~ by bassesfrequences on February 5, 2012.

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  1. […] early February, the Record-on-Demand program wasn’t able to offer all previous CDR releases at once. Here is a second batch of releases […]

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