“Death Valley” available now on CD !

The collaborative effort between Thisquietarmy (Canada) & Yellow6 (UK), two of the most innovative guitarists in the current ambient scene, is now available on CD !
“Death” and “Valley”, the two parts of a same album, are now united on a double CD set packed in a mini gatefold sleeve with a 8 pages booklet. This edition also contains three bonus tracks: an outtake, a live track recorded at the Under The Snow Festival prior to the recording sessions and a remix by the mighty Fear Falls Burning.

Available now on the online shop !

It will also be available on digital in the coming days, as well as the bonus tracks as a digital EP for the vinyl owners who do not intend to buy the CD version but aim owning the bonus tracks as well.

Also, as announced months ago, if you already own both vinyls and are interested by the CD version, you can send the download codes of each LPs to get a discount on the CD ! Write to me (jerome @ bassesfrequences dot org) or to Eric or Jon, with “death valley discount” as subject.

This is an important chapter of the label that I’m closing here (in some way). I am very happy, and proud, to have been able to release this fantastic collaboration and succeed in releasing it in such different formats. It took quite some time, but at least I DID IT !
Strong, deep thanks to Eric, Jon and Dirk.

~ by bassesfrequences on March 24, 2012.

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