Stratosphere news

Stratosphere is not just a studio project but also a live entity, and Ronald will play at the 4th edition of the “antwerp-ambient” festival, on saturday 28th of April (2012). A brand new track will be performed there !

The CD will be available that very weekend and Ronald will have copies with him.
As a little reminder: listen to “you will never destroy me

Also the first “Dreamscape” review – pretty positive – just appeared on the Vital Weekly 827:

Here’s a name from the past which I must admit I totally forgotten about. Stratosphere was a main player of ambient music in the early nineties, releasing an album on Amplexus and then disappeared again. The early work used analogue synthesizers and tape devices, but this new album sees him switch to guitar and bass. For a decade he didn’t do any music due to a ‘dramatic change’ in his life. That change also counts for his music. While still involved in atmospheric music, its undeniably much louder than before. Guitars are fed through a bunch of guitar pedals and it sounds louder and darker than before, especially in ‘You Will Never Destroy Me’, but as ‘There Is Still Hope’ says, every cloud has a silver lining and so despite the somewhat darker undercurrents of this album, there is still hope somewhere through gentle melodies singing, humming over the a black sea of drone like sounds. Each of the seven tracks get a lot of time to develop, perhaps at times too much, but I guess its inherent to this kind of music to go for a slow development. From the pure form of ambient music to the post rock variation of it. Not the biggest move in the world but surely a nice one and great to see him back on track. Let’s hope for some more. (FdW)


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