Maninkari on Basses Frequences !

It kind of comes from out of nowhere, but I’ve been in touch with the french duo for more than a year now, talking and following the evolution of this special album they have created “for” me. The creative process has now come to an end and the album, called “Continuum Sonore” is ready to go to the pressing plant.

You’ll get in “Continuum Sonore” in well-known territories: deep alto with ethnic percussions. You’re in a Maninkari record, no doubts.
But that’s where the french duo will left the obviousness. After a handfull of critically acclaimed records on labels such as Conspiracy, Three:Four and Neuropa to name a few, Maninkari offered to Basses Frequences the chance to release something different: a drone album. If the band already used deep, continuous sounds in its previous works it never handle them with such extended, pure approach. They didn’t used drums nor percussions apart on the intro, but their usual kind of traditional instruments (cymbalom, alto, bodhran) and manipulated fields recordings, to create solar or nightmarish drones. The band totally reached its goal and offered us a majestic piece of drone that I’m really proud of.

CD digipack, edition of 300, out mid july.
Listen to a sample of part2 and part4

~ by bassesfrequences on June 18, 2012.

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