Closed casket ceremony.

I’m just pointing the obvious here, but it is quite the time to formalize that I’m shutting down Basses Frequences, and so for a non predefined period of time. I can’t keep going the way the label went the last couple of years, and I need to redefine my goals and ambitions.

Like any other label that called it quite this year, it’s all about MONEY. Money pays for the releases, not passion. And money is not coming in anymore, like never before and at a level you wouldn’t imagine. Early September, for example, I was at a point of sales that if I had previous scheduled releases, I wouldn’t have been able to produce anyone of them. I’ve spend around 2000 euros per years to keep the label going on. And I think that, at this point, with this kind of sales, it has become useless, vain, to keep spending such money, for not selling the records at the end. That money should better now go to my kids.

The label was just who I am, it reflected an important part of my tastes in music, at least, the kind of music I wanted to work on and the artists I wanted to work with.
I am not blaming the “system”, the downloads and obviously not the people for it’s deliquescence. I HAVE FAILED, period.
I have failed keeping the label interesting, intriguing or maybe different – at least above other labels.
I have not been able (or I just didn’t wanted to) to adapt to the new ways of promoting music – as I have no interest at all in the current almighty social networks and the consumption of digital music.
I have failed to adapt and play a game I didn’t really wanted to play. And for this, I apologize to the artists I’ve worked with and those with whom I was supposed to, in the future.

Basses Frequences has been an awesome experience. Big THANKS to all the supporters and artists who trusted me along the way. That meant a lot.

That said, I will keep the online shop open as long as I can (as it is not free), keeping the not-already-OOP releases as available as possible; here – at a discounted price, by the way ! -, on discogs (with what’s left of the mailorder) and through the usual supporting distributors.

You will hear from me again in the coming weeks/months though, with the release (on another label) of a full lenth documentary directed by Gilles Patté, about the actual drone “scene” (featuring interviews with SunnO))), Earth, Aidan Baker/Nadja, Yann Gourdon, Luc Larmor and yours truly). I’ll keep you updated about the production process. The feature is finished, but there are quite some things to fix before this can be physically released. Though, it already appeared on several french music or film festivals.

Thanks for reading all the posts, thanks for your support along the way and once again, excuse my english !

~ by bassesfrequences on November 20, 2012.

One Response to “Closed casket ceremony.”

  1. A sad day. Much respect from myself & Nico at Somehow –

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